Residential Remodelers our mission is to bring your vision of a new space to life.

By utilizing superb materials, energy efficient elements, combining that with green construction practices and expert craftsmanship we will provide you with a cost effective, energy efficient, beautiful new space. Residential Remodelers - "We Build Relationships"

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Below is a list of questions most frequently asked by our clients about not only remodeling but how to use green technology and increase energy efficiency.

- How do I start the remodeling process?

- What is the design/build remodeling process?

- How long will my project take to complete?

- What are the benefits of a major home remodel?

- What can I do to use “Green Building on my project?









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At Residential Remodelers our mission is to bring your vision of a new space to life. By utilizing superb materials, energy efficient elements, combining that with green construction practices and expert craftsmanship we will provide you with a cost effective, energy efficient, beautiful new space.

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How do I start the remodeling process?
When it comes time to remodel your home, the most important decision you will ever make will be deciding with which remodeling contractor to work. It's important that you find an experienced contractor who is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation. Ask for references from past clients and be sure to contact them. Most clients will be happy to share their opinions and experiences with you (prospective clients can also check out our video testimonial page on our website).  After you've spoken to a remodeling contractor, invite them to your home for a site visit so you can meet them face-to-face and share some of your ideas. Most remodelers will visit your home at no cost to you, so it's really a good way to get a feel for who they are and how they do things.  Residential Remodelers has become an industry expert in home construction and green remodeling and is looking forward to serving you.

What is the design/build remodeling process? {Back to top}
This is the fun part - exploring the design possibilities.  A good designer will listen to your wants and needs and then come up with a variety of design concepts to respond to your goals. These design concepts (along with budget estimates) will continue to be refined until a final design is created.  Residential Remodelers uses Chief Architect design software to present your ideas to you in a 3D view on a computer before things proceed to the next phase.

Phase 2 Construction
Your contractor will get the necessary permits from your city before any work begins.  In most every case of an addition, the project will be constructed and insulated before the final wall is removed never leaving your existing home exposed to the weather.

  • Excavation
  • Demolition when applicable
  • New Construction
  • Mechanical components
  • Insulation and drywall
  • Paint and finishing materials 

Phase 3 Final Walk Through
At this phase all finishing materials have been installed and the project is in the process of getting its final inspections not only from the city inspectors but from the client.  Residential Remodelers will set up a meeting to walk through with the client and create a “punch list” to address any last remaining items of concern for the client.

How long will my project take to complete? {Back to top}
This is a very common question, and can be the most difficult one to answer. The length of construction time can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of work to be completed. Here are some general estimates for "middle of the road" sized projects:

Kitchen and Bath Remodel: An average kitchen and bathroom remodel usually takes about two months.

Basement Finishing: Depending on the level of finish and size of your basement, it's best to expect your remodel to take about four weeks. If you're putting in a bathroom as well, it will be more in the six-to-eight week range.

Home Addition: Depending on square footage, a simple living room addition or 4-season porch takes about two to three months. This can vary greatly depending on if you're thinking of adding a full basement underneath the addition.

Screen Porch and Deck Addition: When adding a new screen porch and deck, you can expect the project to last three to six weeks.

Whole House Remodel: When making a major addition and re-doing most of the house, the project length can vary greatly. Most projects of this nature take 3-5 months to complete from start to finish.
Remember, these are only rough estimates and will vary depending on the specific details of your remodel and existing conditions.

What are the benefits of a major home remodel? {Back to top}
There are a variety of ways to invest in your home, and countless reasons to do so. In our 30-plus years in the remodeling business, we've seen why our clients have chosen to remodel their homes in lieu of moving. Here are some of the reasons they've mentioned to us:

"We love our neighborhood/neighbors."
"The location is perfect for work, life, and our daily activities."
"Our children are well established in the school system."
"We've looked at new construction and have realized that there is more value in staying and remodeling."
"We love the charm and character of our older home".

What can I do to use “Green Building on my project? {Back to top}

Green building is getting thrown around everywhere from the news media to the state fair or even the many cable t.v. home improvement shows.   More expansive questions to ask are:  What does green building mean to me?  What type of green building is right for my project?  and What can I expect from my green builder?

What Does Green Building Mean to Me?

  • Efficiently using water, energy and other resources
  • Improving the home owners air quality and overall health
  • Reducing and re using building materials
  • Reducing pollution and environmental degradation

What Type of Green Building is right for my project?
Depending on the project there may be certain products better suited to what you are doing.  For instance in a master bath remodel you could install water saving plumbing fixtures, natural linoleum flooring and recycled glass tile.  If you are doing a kitchen remodel green materials to install are environmentally friendly cabinetry and recycled counter tops.  If you are doing an addition or a whole house remodel rough materials to consider are Nudura insulated concrete forms for your basement, Icynene spray foam insulation and mold resistant framing members.  You may also consider updating your furnace and water heater to more efficient models.  In addition to the energy savings there are also utility company credits that supplement the cost.  You can also check our product selection tab for a list of all green products.

What to expect from my green builder?
Residential Remodelers approach to remodeling in general is to be as green as possible.  We want to leave the project knowing that we did our best to minimize the impact on the environment.  The down side of any project is the waste that is collected.  We recycle cardboard, scrap metal and burnable wood as much as possible.  In the demolition process we take care to preserve materials that can be either donated or used later.  In the construction process we strive to make the building envelope as tight as possible, by using Tyveck Home Wrap, Icynene insulation and Lo E argon insulated windows when specified.   These are the things we do as a part of our normal level of service.  From here you can get into ultra efficient mechanical systems, siding, decking and the list of interior green finish products is endless. We will take green building only as far as the client would like us to, any questions regarding green product usage or technology can be answered by one of our team members.